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Fortunately for many of us these therapies and treatments are available at new hugely reduced costs with sites such as Groupon and KGB Deals among others offering people these treatments at hugely reduced costs, some up to 90 per cent off their original price

Stone Massage

Stone massage therapies are said to originate in from ancient times, where hot stones were used for healing injuries. The therapy involves the heating of stones, usually basalt, as it is high in iron content and so holds heat better than most. These stones are also smooth as they are found at the bottom of rivers and so suitable for being placed on skin.

These stones are then heated in a device containing water to a certain temperature and then placed on specific muscles on the back and body, including the palms and between the toes. This heat relaxes the muscles and people claim it thus has great effects on mood and happiness.

Stones are warm but are all tested, so they are ever to warm for the body. Marble is sometimes used on injured areas instead of basalt. Oil is often used alongside the stones to aid the massage. The massage is said to be very relaxing and often is included with additional things such as an afternoon tea as well as champagne when purchased via a daily deals site.

Fish Foot Spa

Fish foot spas also offer consumers a great and also niche way to relax. Users insert their feet into a tank full of small carp fish from Asia. These fish are too small to hurt but they manage to suck the hard skin and dead skin cells from people’s feet and soften up your soles.

Fish foot spas have grown hugely in popularity in recent years and there are large numbers of spas offering these therapies. By eating the dead skin, fish clean the skin and make your feet a more hygienic and healthier part of your body.

The treatment is also said to benefit psoriasis sufferers as well as those with eczema. The fish also excrete and enzyme that encourages the growth of new skin cells. The small fish are also said to stimulate circulation through acupuncture like feeling created by their sucking action. Then there is also the entertainment value of having dozens of tiny fish sucking your feet.

This therapy is available on numerous daily deals sites regularly for huge reductions on its original price.

Bikram Yoga

The practice of Bikram yoga is said to create the suppleness of normal yoga while also allowing users to detox. This yoga is performed in a sauna and is a series of 27 different poses, each performed twice over a period of 90 minutes.

This yoga will bring a certain peace of mind as it involves meditation; it also sweats out all the evils that build up in the body day after day, while allowing people to benefit from the increased flexibility they lose in old age.

This altogether will create a better mindset, increased fitness and altogether better well being. The room that this yoga is practised in will be between 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit and does take some getting used to, but the benefits are very apparent after a short period. Daily deals sites also offer numbers of these classes for hugely reduced costs.


There are also numerous offers of all sorts of massage, in both the sports and relaxation mould. These treatments will relax the muscles and overall body, as well as treating knots and other stress issues.

Massage also relaxes the mind. The body’s feelings of relief make the mind a more peaceful place and allow the individual to chill out. It can also solve back pain and other structural problems and is even said to increase the white cell count and thereby increases immunity.

Massage is great for encouraging improvements after surgery as well as operations, especially those that are involving muscle or those that are sport or exercise induced. Massage, like all of the aforementioned therapies is commonly available at up to 90 per cent off on daily deal sites throughout the world. Its benefits are widely seen and on a personal level it offers people a lovely, enjoyable activity to partake in.

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